Hey! In this article I will introduce you all to how we can integrate Realtime Database from Firebase with our javascript app and also will explain all the features that I incorporated in my app. We will go function by function.

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If anybody wants to learn how to store data in firebase, I will help you out. I will explain the whole CRUD — Create, read, update and delete. So lets begin.

Topics to be covered :-

  • Creating new project in firebase
  • Add firebase to our JS web app
  • Create a Realtime Database
  • JavaScript…

REST API v3 using Python🐍

I was recently introduced to “Github API” after I attended a webinar. I found it really difficult to read the documentation as it was my first time and figure out how things work. Many of you might also be newbies finding a platform to learn or searching for a solution to problem like how to close an issue using Github API.

If you landed on this page while asking Google something like

How to create a repository using Github API

How to delete a repository using Github API

How to create an issue …..and …

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